Sawing a perfect round circle isn’t a problem anymore. Stenroc has a large product range of holesaws. Different sizes, for any kind of material.


The Stenroc hole saws with bi-metal of superior quality ensure a rapid and clean cut in a variety of materials.

The Stenroc hole saws with superior qualitybi-metal and 8 % cobalt alloy provide stronger teeth and higher durability.

Stenroc hole saws with this logo are provided with a thick backplate, thicker sides and feature an optimized dental design for extra strength.


Stenroc hole saws with this logo have a long life span.

Due to the variable resistance, one gets a quick and clean penetration of the material.

This logo represents the cutting depth of the hole saw.

Due to the variable 4/6 toothing, a fast and clean cut is made in many materials.


The SK8 holesaw is made of superior materials. Available in the Stenroc product range from 14 mm to 210 mm.


If you use a XF3, you will always have a rapid and clean cut because of the bi-metal quality. The XF3-holesaws can be used for wood and metal.


The TCT holesaw is much higher than other holesaws. Perfect for use in thicker materials. Thanks to the carbide tipped teeth the TCT has a long lifetime.


Adapters which are easy to fasten, convenient and deliver a flawless performance. Discover all the adapters in the product range of Stenroc.