All the Stenroc locking pliers are made out of high quality materials. In this way the locking pliers will last a lifetime. And that’s why you have lifetime warranty. With a Stenroc locking plier you have maximum control and you can do your work without worrying.


All Stenroc locking pliers are made of high quality materials, which means they have a long lifetime and because of this, they have a lifetime warranty.

The Stenroc automatic locking pliers can also be used for cutting wires such as power cables, iron wires, copper wires, …


Set desired clamp pressure, from slight to extreme, and jaws automatically adjust to any size with equal grip pressure.

Automatic curved jaw locking plier with wire cutter

These locking pliers are ideal for gripping and torquing multiple surfaces, including round tubes, four or hexagonal bolts, …

code type
SR 1505207 6-CJ 5420000062443 175 31
SR 1505210 10-CJ 5420000062450 250 50

Automatic long nose locking plier with wire cutter

For delicate work such as electronics, hobby work and clamping in small spaces, this locking plier is extremely suitable. This locking plier also have a built-in wire cutter.

code type
SR 1505308 7-NN 5420000062467 200 51