All the Stenroc locking pliers are made out of high quality materials. In this way the locking pliers will last a lifetime. And that’s why you have lifetime warranty. With a Stenroc locking plier you have maximum control and you can do your work without worrying.


All Stenroc locking pliers are made of high quality materials, which means they have a long lifetime and because of this, they have a lifetime warranty.

The Stenroc locking pliers provided with this logo can also be used for cutting wires such as power cables, iron wires, copper wires, …

The Stenroc locking pliers feature a hex key adjusting screw for the controlled and firm tightening of the locking plier for a steady grip.

Curved jaw locking plier

These locking pliers are ideal for gripping and torquing multiple surfaces, including round tubes, four or hexagonal bolts, …

code type
SR 1501007 207-CJ 5420000049925 175 38
SR 1501010 210-CJ 5420000049932 250 50

Curved jaw locking plier with wire cutter

Due to the curved jaw of this locking plier, there is a better contact between round and curved workpieces. This locking plier also have a built-in wire cutter.

code type
SR 1501000 104-CJC 5420000049888 100 25
SR 1501001 105-CJC 5420000049895 125 30
SR 1501002 107-CJC 5420000049901 175 41
SR 1501003 110-CJC 5420000049918 250 50
SR 1501004 112-CJC 5420000061316 300 70

Straight jaw locking plier

These locking pliers ensure maximum contact with all rectangular or flat workpieces. Very suitable for welding or other work with metal.

code type
SR 1501015 307-SJ 5420000049949 175 38
SR 1501018 310-SJ 5420000049956 250 48

Long nose locking plier with wire cutter

For delicate work such as electronics, hobby work and clamping in small spaces, this locking plier is extremely suitable. This locking plier also have a built-in wire cutter.

code type
SR 1501020 404-LNP 5420000049963 100 41
SR 1501022 406-LNP 5420000049970 150 45
SR 1501024 409-LNP 5420000049987 225 75

Locking C-clamp with regular tips

Due to the extra wide and deep opening, this locking plier has a larger clamping range.

code type
SR 1501030 506-RJ 5420000049994 150 44
SR 1501032 511-RJ 5420000050006 275 100
SR 1501035 518-RJ 5420000050013 460 210

Locking C-clamp with swivel pads

Because of the wide-mouth opening with tilt feet this locking plier can grasp difficult shapes, and tapered workpieces. Ideal for delicate or unusually shaped surfaces.

code type
SR 1501041 606-SPJ 5420000050020 150 46
SR 1501043 611-SPJ 5420000050037 275 100
SR 1501044 618-SPJ 5420000050044 460 215

Locking sheet metal plier

The locking sheet metal plier is extremely suitable for fixing metal plates. Thanks to its powerful grip, metal sheets can be bent, creased and shaped more quickly and easily.

code type
SR 1501055 008-RS 5420000050075 205 40

Locking welding clamp

The locking welding clamp with deep buckle have a better visibility and work space. The locking plier keep the workpiece perfectly aligned.

code type
SR 1501051 009-RS 5420000050068 230 70

Large jaw locking plier

Due to its wide jaw and high clamping capacity, the large jaw locking plier is the ideal locking plier for plumbers, mechanics, welders and other users who edit large objects.

code type
SR 1501058 12-LJ 5420000050082 300 80

Locking chain clamp

The locking chain clamp is easy to clamp around objects of any shape and size. The ratchet mechanism allows it to be adjusted quickly in any direction.

code type
SR 1501048 720-CH 5420000050051 460 Ø 150