Stenroc offers a wide range of industrial tools.
Clamps, drills, locking pliers and even reciprocating blades. Stenroc has it all. For every job you, as craftsman, can count on a quality tool of Stenroc. Not only a lot of choices, Stenroc also delivers a great service and a good price-performance ratio.


The Stenroc drills are divided in three categories. In this way you know immediately what drill is right for what material. Click on a category and discover what drill is suitable for you.


Stenroc has a large product range of saws. Holesaws, jigsaw blades, reciprocating blades and metal saws. Stenroc has it all. For each job you can count on a Stenroc saw.

Other Stenroc products

Discover the other Stenroc products.